X-ONE, offers a range of simply well-designed LED lighting at competitive price with price with hight quality. Combining all the experience and all the possibility for LED market, is result of 360.

360 Has over 1000 possible combination with the latest technology of LEDs, driver and optics.


3  Key components form: Heat conductive alloy frame, driver, Bridgelux LED 

6 Different mountings systems for commercials and public lighting: Street Light, Flood Light, Tunnel Light, Capony Light, Park Light and High Bay Light

0 Problem: enjoy luminaries with low energy consumption, high light performance and long lifespan. 

Park Light SP-1018 3B-A

Street Light SP-1016

Park Light SP-1018

Park Light SP-1018 2B_A

Street Light SP-1016 3B

Street Light SP-1016 2B_A

Street Light SP-1016 6B-A

Canopy Light SP-2025

Canopy Light SP-2022

Canopy Light SP-2025 4B_D

Canopy Light SP-2105

Flood Light SP-2026 2B_A

Canopy Light SP-2105A

Tunnel Light SP-2106

Flood Light SP-2026

Flood Light SP-2026 3B_A

Flood Light SP-2026 4B

Flood Light SP-2026 6B