The X-ONE offers the most diverse photovoltaic systems, such as:

  • Microgeneration systems (companies and individuals);
  • Minigeneration systems (companies and individuals).

Renewable energy that is produced is sold entirety to the public mains.In the case of Microgeneration in Decree-Law 363/2007 and Minigeração in the Decree-Law 34/2011, March 8, allowing an excellent profitability for proprietary entities of this type of solution. Autonomous solar systems allow’s obtaining electrical energy under the same conditions as connection to public mains, without the need of adaptation the equipment. Applications can be: water intake, feeding current for isolated houses, surveillance systems, remote measuring and control systems, telecommunications, etc.

The X-ONE offers the most diverse photovoltaic systems, such as:

  • Micro-generation systems (companies and individuals);
  • Minigeneration systems (companies and individuals);
  • Autonomous System;
  • Consumption Kits.

X-One designs and installs sanitary hot water systems and air-conditional systems for buildings (heating and cooling) supported by a solar thermal systems.

The systems are installed by technicians with specific training in order to ensure the greatest longevity and maximize the efficiency of the system.A solar thermal system can achieve up to 90% of the solar fraction if its provide only to sanitary hot water, which means a saving of 90% .A solar system will provide up to 70% of the energy required to heat the building. Each house of 200 m ² will released the environment of 330kg  CO2 emission per year and per KWh this could mean a reduction of CO2 emissions by 20 tonnes in 15 years! 


Solar Thermal Systems

Solar energy is used to heat water for bathing, swimming pools and industrial processes, it is an abundant and free energy source.

Water heating use by solar collectors, as well as photovoltaic cells has represented applications of greatest viability, residential or industrial. However, these systems with collectors, are still relatively expensive and therefore inaccessible to most people .

Domestic solar water heaters, widely used today for production of solar thermal energy at low temperatures, have been the subject of several research and studies since the 1950s .

Solar pump power kit

Solar-powered off-grid direct pumping system

X-ONE Pump's benefits include:

  • Ten standard battery-free direct-connection models ranging in capacity from 2kW to 22kW, guaranteeing a rapid return on investment.
  • Constant photovoltaic-panel Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), increasing performance by up to 25%.
  • Automated start-stop management during periods of low irradiation to maximize pump-motor service life.
  • Fuse-switch disconnectors used as input terminals to protect the series and facilitate installation, checking and start-up.
  • Start/stop switch with controlled acceleration/deceleration.

Users can control the X-ONE Pump system from an Android smartphone or tablet. A single control unit can manage any industrial drive or pump available on the market.

Kit of self-consuption

Autonomous lighting

Photovoltaic Solar Systems

Os módulos X-ONE, são desenhados e construídos de forma a garantir um tempo de vida longo. É por esta razão que a X-ONE têm em especial cuidado na selecção de cada componente que é usado nos seus módulos, sendo feitos testes rigorosos antes e durante a produção de forma a garantir uma elevada eficiência e durabilidade.

Adicionalmente a instalação dos módulos é facilitada, devido aos diferentes sistemas desenhados pela X-ONE, que claramente diferencia-nos dos produtos standard do marcado.