Color Option


               Standard - Silver                              Optional – Dark Gray                      Optional - Black        

Modular bar painted in Oxidized Silver    Modular bar painted in Oxidized Silver   Modular bar painted in Oxidized Black


Angle Option

Bat Shape

Standard bat shape distribution, perfect for roa dor tunnels where the light being installed in the center. Provide lighting in the back of the lamp for side walks or roads.




170 D

This is standard light distribution for canopy light, low bay light and flood light, where need round and uniform light for open space projects.






80 D

This is suitable for projects with middle high ceiling (8-14m). Enable to achieve high lux on ground, by re-channelling the light that would have gone to the floor





40 D

Narrow beam light distribution, suitable for projects with very high ceiling ( above 14m ), or a high concentration of light is needed


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